Saturday, 7 July 2018

Kefalonia Travel Guide

Hello everyone!
I’m back after a week of holiday in Kefalonia, and I’ll tell you now- it’s difficult to be back after seeing the beautiful sights and relaxed atmosphere there. 
A couple of years ago, I went to Zakynthos and fell in love with it and to put it into geographical context, Kefalonia is the Island above. So the actual climate was exactly the same!
In this post, I thought I’d share with you all the things we got up to on the island and my personal recommendations if you ever find yourself heading there it’s helpful to know the best things to do and see. 
We were based on Avithos Beach, near the “capital” Agostoli, which was perfect for us as we didn’t have a car. We used the local bus services a lot and found everything we needed was either walking distance or a bus trip away. 
On our first full day, we did a complete Island tour with Wild Nature Expeditions where our guide, Kostas, showed us everything worth seeing around the island. The trip itself was around 10 hours but it was honestly felt like one of the shortest days there as the time flew by. We saw everything from a village destroyed by the 1953 Earthquake, the Melissani cave (cave of Nymphs), stunning ocean views and Friskado which is the only town that survived the earthquakes in 1953. 
A couple of days later we decided to try something we’d never done before… beekeeping! We strolled up to Dias Beekeeping just a 15 minutes walk away from our hotel. I honestly had no idea how intelligent and hardworking bees were until this trip, the amount of knowledge Thanassis and Eleni had was outstanding and they answered any challenging questions we fired at them! They also made everyone feel very welcome and at home which really is what it is all about.
We also got to dress into the traditional bee keeping suit which, as you can see, is REALLY flattering!!
The next day, we went on the Queen Bee boat tour around the south of the island, we went to a smaller island just outside of Agostoli, saw beautiful chalk cliffs off the mainland and also went to a very quite beach near the town Lixouri. All the food was made by the two brother’s mother which was delicious and it couldn’t have been a more realxing day. There was no pressure, you could just do whatever you wanted to do. Overall a very relaxed yet interesting day.
Regardless of all these busy days, we also had time to look around the island, in towns like Agostoli and just simply visiting the beach. I definitley want to return to Kefalonia and it’s a place I’ll certainly never forget.
Before you go: I’d highly recommend either reading or watching the film of “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”, it really gives you a good impression and idea of what the island is like. 
Hope you like this post and I’ll write soon!!
Emily x


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